Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today was a lovely and crazy day.

Crazy... because it was out of routine, and if you know kids a change in routine is all it takes for there to be bedlam! It was almost impossible to keep them on task and quiet in the bits of the day we actually did work. Luckily there wasn't much work to be done between Sport, Assembly, a visit from the Little Athletics people and our super exciting excursion to see Watoto!

Watoto was amazing!
I've seen them twice before, but for most of my kids it was their first time. I think talking about Uganda and the lives these orphans have come from, before we went, added to the experience. My kids felt hnoured to be a part of the concert and were absolutely gobsmacked by their dancing skills! Boy those kids can move! (Seriously, out of the 233 photos I took at the 2 hour concert  at least 70% are blurry... the ones that aren't were because it was between songs, or are photos of my kids).

I love the heart I can see developing in my class, a heart that is bigger than themselves, that realises there are people living without the things they take for granted, you know, water, food, family and shelter (let's not even mention DSi's laptops, Play Station 3s and flatscreen TVs). Of course they are normal Aussie kids who easily move from a discussion about poverty to talking about their their favourite theme park rides on the Gold Coast... But I love that they are starting to see the bigger picture of a world that needs help.
The other part of my day that was fun was after school, when I got to paint Baby Belly #4 - Cute Ann-Marie's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so weird that next time I see her she will be a mummy! eeeeek! So exciting!

Biggest downside of the day - my hair looks cute today! Which means it won't look as cute tomorrow... which happens to be school photo day! Who would've thought the teachers care more about school photos than the kids. hehe.

The end.

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ktjane said...

That is totally true about teachers caring more about school photo day than the kids do!