Friday, April 1, 2011

Those Moments

Today I feel so not sick! Oh it's such a good feeling! Haha, I was only sick for 2 days, but I felt ridiculously horrible. I don't ever want to be properly sick, I'm so grateful for good immunity.

School was fun today. My kids presented their projects on Japan. I was actually quite impressed with what most of them came up with... of course there was one boy who seemed completely oblivious to the fact that we have been working on projects for the last 3 weeks & a few who if I typed their speech into google I'm sure I would find it... hmm more teaching on research skills next term it seems. But I was so impressed with the creativity in their presentations, one boy even dressed up as a professer with a blue wig, he was such a crack up. At the end of the day he came and told me (still in character) that my children had done some great research and he had learnt a lot by listening to their presentations. oh they are fun kids!

This afternoon two beautiful friends and I had a coffee catch up after school. Great food, crazy conversations and a lovely way to end the week!
Then we sat by the lake and Lou played some of the new songs she's been writing. Oh she's so talented. Sweet, soul-sharing music on the jetty by the lake as the sun sets... it was one of those moments that made my heart so full. I seriously live in one of the most beautiful places & have such amazing friends. Oh I sometimes wish I had more adjectives...hmm maybe some pictures instead?

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