Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Flatmate with the Aversion to Doors

Last night I got home after dark and went to open my front door but my key wouldn't fit in. It was dark, so I fumbled around a bit and realised the keyhole was full... with the tip of my flatmate's key. hmm. She hasn't come home yet, so I haven's had the chance to ask her how she managed to leave half of her key behind. hhaha I am looking forward to that conversation.

The thing is, though, in the 5 weeks she has lived here this is not her first door incident. In this short space of time she has managed to lock herself out... 3 times, lock the bathroom from the outside twice (I am still not sure how she does this) and left the front-door wide open for a whole afternoon.

Despite her aversion to doors she is a great flatmate, who loves to clean for fun (this does not make sense in my head). But just to be on the safe-side I got three new keys cut today :)

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