Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ok, so I obviously did have some time to play these holidays.

Hello Internet world,
Here I am.
Today was the last day of holidays! It's back to work tomorrow! Eeek! Where did that time go?
So because I haven't blogged in ages, here is a wrap up of the last 2 and a half weeks!

So straight after the last day of school Lou and I headed to Sydney for The Script.
They even sang my song (If You See Kay...) AAAAAAAND they even had pretty pink lights! How did they know it was my favourite colour? (yes this is a reeeeeaallly dodgy photo. But just look at the prettiness!)

After the concert it took us over 40 minutes to get out of the carpark. This is my panic-face...how will we survive here on the 5th floor when I've already exhausted our water supply? On the up side we did have a substantial amount of Easter eggs thanks to my cute kidlies!
The next day was off to Steamfest to celebrate my dad's and the foster kid's birthdays. Basically there are alot of steam trains and other train/steam related things. it was pretty fun.
This is me on the Steam train. It took ages to get all of the cinders out of my hair.
My dad was like a little kid in a lolly shop. Oh look a steam tractor!
How perfect was the weather!
A few days later I spent the day with two of my most amazing friends. We went pampering, had a yummy lunch and wandered around the beautiful Japanese Gardens and Art Gallery.

Then it was off to Adelaide!
I stayed not far from this chocolate factory. The tours were full so I got to take myself on a tour. It was really cool seeing the (is it politically incorrect to call them oompa loompas?) at work, making yummy treats... but at the same time I'm am super glad my work doesn't have a viewing platform and hoards of people walking by all day. Oh and there was taste testing too. mmmmm!
Adelaide is really pretty and Autumny.
And they co-ordinate their vespas with their chairs.
I loved these cute arch ways and alleys.

So many vespas. If I lived in Adelaide I would get a vespa.
I sat in this park for ages...
...but then I got distracted by the prettiness and got lost on my way back to the lodge... I walked off the map & even ended up walking in a triangle... dumb sense of direction!
The reason I was in Adelaide was for this wedding. It was sooooo beautiful! The ceremony was in a massive pear orchard. There were tractor rides in the in-between bit and then the reception was in the packing shed.
Ryan had even written a beautiful song to sing to his bride. maw! so beautiful!

It was a great few days in South Australia & I got to catch up with some great friends who I haven't seen in ages!
Back home again and some lovely friends and I went to see some fantastic bands! Shawn McDonald, Article One and New World Son came all the way from the US and Canada. Such a great night!
Week two was mostly school work...
With a visit to my grandparents, babysitting, two picnics, a movie night and a sleepover thrown in.

Easter started early with the Sunrise service by the lake. I think it's one of my favourite traditions, even though it's early and cold.
Anzac day. It was weird not going to the parade this year. But we did each Anzac biscuits... does that count?

Katrina & I went bowling with Leah, Jase and cute Morgan. Katrina and I even wore matching socks by accident. How cute are we!

Tomorrow is back to work. I've done... not nearly enough work (even though I feel like that's all I've done). But I am looking forward to hanging out with my kidlies again! We have a fun term ahead!

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