Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nothing Ventured...

There's a few things up in the air for me at the moment.
Big adventurous things.
Trying not to get excited ahead of myself...
I'll fill you in when/if I know more.

In other news:
- Tonight I survived 12 parent/teacher interviews tonight. One parent came with a whole sheet of questions and concerns, our 10 minute session lasted around half an hour.
- There are only 3 days left of term 1.
- Tomorrow is Mission Day. We all get dressed up as people from different countries & travel around the world (aka the classrooms)learning about the countries, the culture, the needs etc (all in 50 minutes!). We're also having a cake stall to raise money for our sister school in the Philippines... we have developed the motto "More than 5, you won't survive" after last year's overindulgence. haha
- Next week I'm going to Adelaide. fun times!

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