Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Miss F

Today a kid got sent to me for time-out from another class. Before I sent him back I got him to write out an apology to his teacher... it went something like "Sorry for doing the wrong thing, next time I will do the opposite." He couldn't actually think of what he had done that had got him sent out of the room, other than 'Mr H just talked in his mad voice and counted to 3 because I was standing up when he said to stand up and I didn't even throw the thing that he thought was me' (or something to that effect), so his note made me giggle a bit.

I thought I would share three of my other favourite notes from the past 4 years (which live on my fridge):

"Dear miss f Sorry for lieing to you I am realy sorry I Just wanted to tell a Good Joke but i guess it just turned out as a lie I just wanted to be funny but in the end it wasn't funny I'm realy sorry!

"To Nikolou [our school's sponsor child]
I think Australia is the best country in the world becaues it has the best weapons in the world we have knifes, Guns, connons, bows, crossbows
From L"
[obviously this one is on my fridge because I didn't send it]

This next one was written after I made a student re-write a poem about girls that wasn't very kind

"To Miss F,
I am sorry for the inappropriate work that I did. It was offensive for every female. I am also sorry for getting on the red traffic light. I should not have been showing off to my friends. This is why I'm writing this letter. From R
P.S I should not use a pencil as a weapon (emotionally)"

I love the ending :)

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