Saturday, July 9, 2011

S'mores... well sort of.

Today Leah, Jase, Morgs and I embarked into unknown territory... the making of a foreign delicacy.
I can't remember why... I think it was mostly because I have a fireplace..but we decided today was the day to make s'mores.

With the advice from Mindy & this helpful educational video... 

How To Make S’Mores on Howcast

 We were ready! 
Well... sort of. The thing is we don't have graham crackers or Hershey's chocolate in this part of the world. so we had to improvise a little...
Cadbury Dairy Milk & Digestives.

And a super cute purple fire place.
  So here is our photographic essay of our s'mores making. Keep your eye out for a small cookie monster who keeps swiping the biscuits. 

Cute Morgan & I
 Leah got the biscuits ready...
 Then applied the chocolate.
 We sat them on this handy table.
 While Jason skewered the marshmallows.
 And cooked them on the super fire he built.
 Morgan stole the biscuits we had set out.
 Leah toasted some too...
 ...while holding her leg like this hahaha (this is an important step in the process)
 Then we delicately placed the marshmallow on the biscuits & smooshed.
Morgan swiped a biscuit.
 Ta da!
 Morgan swiped a biscuit.
 Morgan tried to swipe my biscuit.
 mmm... only one problem. the chocolate didn't go all melty like it was supposed to...
 so we tried this...
 still not melty... so we tried this...(there is fire under the shovel)
 Hmm still not quite melty enough...
oh morgan you are fun!
 maybe if I cook it a bit like this it will melt a bit more? um nope, it just adds some shovel dust flavour.
 Jase and Leah having a romantic moment on the couch thinking about the fun s'mores time we had had.
 And cute Morgan.
The End.

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