Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painting Bellies.

I think one of my favourite things to do is paint my pregnant friends. Just thought I would show you the masterpieces I've done so far (ok so I'm not a pro at it... but it is fun :))

The Milkshake Baby - um earlier this year (maybe January?)

Beautiful Cass!
 Lovely first belly painting victim... mwahahaha. Last March or April.
 That's Leah, Mel & I in the basket :)
 Gorgeous Karen & her Herbie belly (we called her baby Herbie when we found out his name was going to start with H). Last June.
 Little Herbie up close! Do you like the cheer squad welcoming him to the world? I'm in pink on the right.
 The belly I painted this morning. It's a butterfly to go with her butterfly themed room and she's eating ice-cream because my friend and her husband own ice-creameries.
 Little Mel and her butterfly belly! Only 2 weeks(ish) till we meet her cute baby girl! oooh I can't wait!
Stay tuned... only a few more weeks till Ann-Marie's belly is ready for painting :)

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