Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lost wishes.

On the weekend my twin stayed over. It was birthday weekend, so that's what you do!

Being the twin that she is, she brought with her some of those cool paper lanterns that you light and they float away... like on 'Tangled'. I have always wanted to release one of these! they look so pretty, even in cartoon form!

We wrote our wishes for the year on them (the things you do when you enter your 30th year).

Of course the matches were wet, so we had to use the car cigarette lighter & a candle... hehe (welcome to my life)!

Here are the cute pictures of us...

My twin with our lanterns...

 Me with the lanterns (yes it was already pyjama time)
 My twin's one floated away like it was supposed to...
 Mine didn't. Typical. haha. So we tried to burn it.
 But of course there was some sort of flame-retardant in the paper... so rather than hold it till the flame burned out, we pulled it apart.

This is the sad end of my 30th year wishes.
So grateful that my hope isn't found in paper lantern wishes.
But one day I want to have a proper lantern that floats. Just because they are cartoon pretty!

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