Monday, July 4, 2011


eeeeeeek! I just booked my tickets to Vancouver via Auckland & LA!
I am going to live and work in Canada for a whole year!

Ok, so the original plan was to do a Teacher Exchange. but that fell through. So now I am going to Nanny for a year. well hopefully. I don't actually have a family yet... but that's the plan. I do have plane tickets though! eeeek!

Do you know what this means! WHITE CHRISTMAS! My first one ever! Woooohoooooo! I think I will probably even make it two White Christmases. I have a lot of non-white Christmases to make up for!

Things I want to see:
The Aurora Borealis (how amazing is it!)
The Celebration of Light (a fireworks competition!)
Whistler (snow snow snow snow snow!)
Banff (such a cool word) National Park
Lake Louise
Niagara Falls
The Fundys
West Edmonton Mall
The Rocky Mountains
Maybe a glacier...
A bear, some whales, a squirrel (does Canada have squirrels?), a polar bear (hmm apparently this is a little expensive), a moose. Canada has those animals that we grew up with in storybooks... they don't actually exist in our real world of Australia, ok so they do in zoos. They seem almost fictional. (I guess to other people our crazy animals might seem fictional haha).

What else do I need to add to my list?

Arrrgh! So excited but also nervous! I am not brave. There are so many things to think about...

Anyway, to celebrate the excitement of booking my tickets I am off to get 4 fillings at the dentist! hmm.


Mindy said...

How exciting!!! You'll love Canada, I'm sure! Okay but be prepared, if you spend Christmas in Vancouver, it may not be white! And when are you coming? If you come before I leave for Pennsylvania, it would be great to meet!

Kaye said...

From the sounds of your trip I will arrive after you leave... I arrive in LA on December 13th & Vancouver on the 20th. When do you go?
Hmmm I will need to find some snow on Christmas day, otherwise this just won't do :) I'll have to look into that.
Also! We're having our s'mores party on Friday! I'll post photos after that!

Kaye said...

Oh I just realised that Pennsylvania (woah that is a weird word) is nearish New York & Washington DC. If you're still there in late December 2012/January 2013 I might be able to catch up with you on my 'on the way home east coast trip' haha have you got your life planned that much in advance?

Mindy said...

I probably won't leave WA Christmas, plus or minus a day or two (to be determined). But I too thought of the other side. NY won't be far away from me in we'll definitely have to meet, one coast or another!

Kaye said...

Deal! :)