Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well I have now begun my 30th year of life (which means I turned 29 last weekend). Boy. Only 362 days till I reach the big 3.0. eeek! 30 is a tad scary, because it carries with it so many expectations in my mind. I should be married and a mum and have my life sorted and be mature and properly grown up and not still get insecure and upset about dumb things. Wow this is a big year.

Hmm ok enough thinking about that. I had the funnest party on Saturday. The theme was Capes, Crepes and Canapes (read it can-apes, so that it rhymes). So we wore capes and ate crepes and canapes.
Here are the photos that I like the best.

Nikki & I flying inour capes
 Cute faces :-)
 Mmmm these crepes were amazing!
 Ben wasn't super good at cooking crepes.
 My mum & I (I take self-portraits upside-down cos it's easier... but even though I edit them on the computer they still go upsidedown when I upload to blogger. pfft
 Morgan didn't like the flash.
 My sister dipping Hayden in the chocolate fountain.
 Cute Trinity. hehehe.
 Hayden... he was on a bit of a sugar high.
 My funny dad

It was such a fun night. I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family in my life! (and those crepes tasted sooooooo good!)

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