Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today was an emotional sort of day...
I hung out with one of my most favourite friends for a bit. This week she lost a baby. That sentence carries so much weight and heaviness of heart. 'she lost a baby' does not do justice to the emotion of the week. Although it is not my story and I cannot fathom the depths of pain her and her husband have been through, it saddens me so much to see my friends go through this.
When did I get old enough to have friends who have ectopic pregnancies?

After eating doughnuts and pizza (hehehe) I went to a baby shower for a friend from work. It was sort of awkward celebrating life after mourning a death. Boy the emotions in my head today!
It was a beautiful baby shower. Soooo much pink! (and way too many jaffas...mmm) I can't wait to meet the blonde, blue eyed baby (she hasn't got much hope of being anything else :)). There were even those 4D ultrasound pictures of her on display. Oh she is going to be gorgeous & has such cute pouty lips!
Of course I got super clucky looking at all the tiny onesies and cute socks. Mawww I seriously don't think anything beats the feeling of holding a baby in your arms. Which in turn made my heart break all the more for the afore mentioned friend.

Sometimes this world doesn't make sense.

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