Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Sunday in May

Today when I went shopping I didn't expect to be met with the news that a kid I used to babysit died this morning. This kid is now 18. He graduated from the school I work at last year. He was a sweet kid. He hit a power pole on his way home from work at 4.30 this morning.
I am devastated for his mum. He was her whole world.
I am sad for the dreams he never got to realise.
I am nervous for tomorrow. This is going to hit our school community pretty bad.
I am amazed at the impact this kid had.
I am overwhelmed by the speed of communication these days. Someone set up a "RIP" site for him 4 hours ago and already there are over 600 'likes'.
I am shocked at how a life can be summarised in a police report. It is also a horrible reminder of the weight and pain behind each report that I see.
I am trusting in a God who is good. I don't have the answers, but He does.

Pray for his mum & for our school this week. It's going to be a hard week.

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