Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Kittens & The Passionate Heart

At the moment there are kittens under my classroom.
The kids have spotted one dead one, and a whole bunch of live ones over the past 2 weeks.
Most of the kids saw this as a novelty, but this soon wore off and have pretty much forgotten about the little felines.
However, one of my girls has taken the lives of these little stray orphans as her own personal mission. She has approached our Junior School Head Teacher, Groundsman & Assistant Principal to ask for help to rescue these kittens. When she wasn't given a satisfactory answer from any of these grown ups, instead of giving up, she went home and rang the RSPCA. They told her they couldn't help. So she called another animal shelter. This shelter told her that they could lend her a cat catcher for $30 for 1 day or $56 for the week.

So on Friday she came to school and told me of the plan she has to hire this catcher to save the kittens. She asked if we could get the class to bring in $3 each... I'm not sure how willing parents would be so send in money to save some strays, but I referred her to the Head Teacher again, who said she would speak to our Business Manager... This is where the story ended on Friday, but I have an idea that it will be continued by my passionate 10 year old world changer in the morning.

I LOVE her passion. I love that she hasn't been deterred by grown ups who palm her off. I love that she is driven to see this resolved in the best interest of the animals. I am so inspired by this little person! I think maybe I am learning more from my kids than they are from me.


Yesterday I read a statistic that 200,000,000 minutes are spent every day playing Angry Birds... I know this is an addictive game... but seriously that is alot of time! 380 years of time actually. eeek! Not having an iphone, I am not an Angry Birds addict... but I know there are plenty of other time wasting things that I am guilty of partaking in (facebook, tv, eating cheese, reading blogs...). What if these 380 years per day were used to help people in poverty, bless a neighbour, save some kittens, write a note to encourage a friend, pray, read the Bible (clean my house...hahahahaha)?


This morning at church our pastor preached a cool sermon on 1 Samuel 8. This is the chapter about Israel wanting a king. Pretty much the sentiment of the chapter is that the Israelites wanted a king because 'everyone else has a king'. It's a but funny. Reminds me of my class... I am amazed at the "but everyone else has one" pester-power kids seem to posses. (Seriously! On our excursion last Monday we thought our train carraige would be perfect for one of those old fashioned train robbing gangs to attack because every one of our 49 kids had some kind of fancy electronic device with them - ipod touch, dsi, psp etc... though the parents said their school uniforms cost more than these things haha)

I think it's so easy to think that we need what everyone else has, to crave the lifestyle of people around us. But God hasn't designed us to have the 'kings' that the world has... He wants to be our King. hmm there is a link here back to another whole set of thoughts I have been pondering over the past few days... but I don't have time for that right now.

Well that's 3 random thoughts from me for the day. They all sort of link together in my head... hmm


Mindy said...

very good thoughts Kaye!

Kaye said...

thanks Mindy :)