Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things that are fun

At the moment I am finding work super frustrating. I absolutely love and absolutely hate it simutaneously (I know you can't absolutely be two things... but I so am). But instead of focusing on that I want to tell you about the fun and inspiring things of this week.

On Monday we celebrated my sister's 27th birthday 2 days early. I love this two months that we are only a year apart (it sort of makes me feel younger). We ate burritos and m&ms and brownies. mmmm. It was a great family night. We have actually had a lot of family things lately since the start of April - dad's birthday, Steamfest, Easter, Mum's birthday, Mum's birthday dinner, Mothers' Day & now Lauren's birthday (as well as Monday night dinners). It's been fun.

Monday and Tuesday nights a friend from work slept over. We watched heaps of Big Bang Theory and got Maccas on the way to work... :-)

My Year 3 kids had their National testing this week. They did sooooo well! I'm so proud of them! It's so annoying that results don't come back for another 4 months.

On Thurday night I hung out with two of my boys. Oh I love them! Morgan has become super cuddly lately, so we had heaps of snugggles. AND HE EVEN WALKED TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it was the first time I had ever seen him walk.... so amazing!). Hayden is Mr Independent at 11 months, he's so fun to watch as he trys to conquer any obstacle (while not letting go of the remote or iphone he's holding). Cute!

Yesterday morning I got up really early. Like 5am. To see the 4 planets. At the moment you can see Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter at the same time. I think I am particularly excited about this because we're studying Space at the moment... and Mercury and Venus are on opposite sides of our planet than Mars and Jupiter (think Solar System model). Apparently the last time this happened was 1910.
(maybe click to make this one big)
 And then a swan swam by
 And a bird

 Tilt your head to the side for this one. So pretty!
 I waited all the way till the sun came up! (and was then late for work...oops)

Oh and if you're like me and are wondering "how can planets on opposite sides of the Earth be in the same view at the same time & right before sunrise?" I have the map for you! (this took me ages to find... if you have a better version let me know)
all the planets
The inner solar system

After school Ann-Marie, Lou and I had a much needed coffee catch-up. Boy there's a lot going on at the moment. I love good friends!

Lou and I watched Water for Elephants last night and ate mexican. Good times!

Also capes make me happy. I think people should wear more capes.


Mindy said...

I had to google "maccas" to see what you got. I'm expanding my english vocabulary through my Aussie friends. :)

Kaye said...

hehe I'm glad I could help to educate you and expand your vocabulary Mindy! :)