Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's hot.

So, Australia has gone mental.

Poor Queensland has copped the most with the crazy floods last month, followed by the hugest cyclone last night (though it doesn't seem to have been as devastating as they thought it would be - Thank you God! Not one life was lost...and even one baby was born in an evacuation centre!).

Down here we've just had hotness...
It has been ridiculously hot. The past 4 days have been 42 degrees (108ish farenheit). On Tuesday it was still 42 at 6pm. ick!

Hotness has made for an interesting 1st week of school.
Playground duty was absolutely boring today (oh apart from one kid getting his foot stuck at the top of the spiderball), most kids just sat on the verandahs trying to keep cool. I have never seen kids so excited to get back into class (ahhh air conditioning).

 My new kids are fun. I like them already.

On Monday one of my boys realised for the first time that he is left-handed... we were doing a 'human bingo' get to know you activity and everyone was struggling to find a lefty to sign that box. This particular boy was standing there with his pencil in his left hand whining "I can't find anyone who is left-handed!" "um... you are" "Oh really? Is this my left hand?" I love that he's done 4 years of school without knowing that. ha.

I forget every year how much kids don't know at the start of the year. I can't just send them to write an exposition on a given topic... first we need to go through - what a HB pencil is, where 2cm is on the ruler, how to draw a 2cm margin, how to write the long date, where to write it, what's the heading going to be, how big our letters should be, what to do if we make a mistake, how to use the personal dictionaries, oh and what is an exposition!? haha! My 20 minute activity took nearly an hour and a half. But we'll get there! It helps me to realise that I actually do teach them some things over the year. haha.

Ok, time to get some dinner and do some work before my sister comes over!

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