Friday, February 11, 2011


I've decided I am feeling quite attached to my little class already. They are so sweet.
I've already been given 4 "Miss F you're the best" (or similar...actually one said 'the beast'... but it was decorated with flowers and hearts so I think it was meant to be kind) posters and one amazingly gorgeous drawing of a sunset. maww!
Today a casual teacher was sent down to spontaneously release me from class. We were mid-Maths lesson (a really exciting one about addition of 3-digit numbers), so as I briefly explained the lesson for her to take over, my kids started whining "don't leeeeeeeeeeeave us" "just stay Miss F" "I don't waaant you to goooo" they almost got a "stay Miss F" chant going, haha.
One girl, though, as I was walking out the door said "have a great break Miss F, you deserve it." How sweet! Such undeserved love! I have been super stressed this week with so much paper work due today. I know I have not been the loving, sweet, kind, organised, fun, beautiful teacher that my kids happen to think I am. I am so spoilt to work with such amazing, forgiving, loving, intelligent, hilarious kids. It's going to be a good year!

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