Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things I Love Today.

I love that our staff starts every morning in prayer.

I love that Tuesdays is prayer triplets day.

I love the challenge one of my "triplets" presented this morning about being humble before God, rather than people (still mulling over this one).

I love that this morning my "triplets" prayed that the rain would hold off while we walked to our excursion destination (it was pouring at 8.10)

I love that I was able to share that answer to prayer with my kids as we walked, dry, to the train station 20 minutes later. (God is good)

I love that my kids love to pray, even when we're standing at a train station.

I love that my kids are so amazing.

I love that they are such great performers. Oh so cute!

I love that even when we haven't practised enough & I throw things at them at the last minute, they looked like we'd been rehearsing for months!

I loved that they were able to collectively improvise when they were asked for an encore, and an encore, and an encore, and 3 more. (ohhh so proud!)

I loved watching them interact with the old people. (Some even skipped the ice-cream so they could get back to chatting).

I loved watching their faces light up as they gave the gifts they had been making for the past few weeks to the elderly people.

I loved the responses the kids got. The community centre workers are already planning what we'll do for Christmas next year :)

I loved the unselfishness of the kids, who were so thoughtful and grace-filled.

I love how easy it is to take my kids anywhere. Such a great bunch of people.

I love the staff I work with.

I love how quick they are to offer to help with stuff when you're overwhelmed...

I love Christian community.

I love catching up with church friends. I really should do this more often.

(I don't love that my computer crashed, again, while I was writing this... but that's another story)

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