Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Can Always Find Another Use for a Box

Ok, so I think I'm back! (if you can read this I am)
I've had to down-grade to the old version of blog-writing because that new post thing still won't load.
The past few days have been ridiculous. It is report season, which is usually ridiculous (I have easily done an extra 30 hours work in the past 2 weeks), but I am also still recovering from my dumb cold and... my computer also got really sick. Arrghhh! I won't bore you with dumb computer details. Oh and there's also only 9 more school days... which is exciting but also super-overwhelming when I consider the bazillion things I need to organise in that short time. eeek!

Ha anyway, so the past few days I have been in crazy land. But tonight. My reports are handed in (well mostly), and I have refused to do any work just for one night! Ahhhhhh!

Well, I promised you a fun story. It's probably not as fun 4 days later, but here it is...
Ok, so it was 10:45 am Saturday morning, Phineas & Ferb was on (I LOVE that show!) and I was cooking pancakes in my pyjamas ... when there was a knock on my door (which NEVER happens). It was a girl from school (year 1) who lives down the road & her dad (who I haven't seen in 4 years...long story). Arrgh! Yep I greeted them in my pyjamas with an egg in my hand.

So C started telling me some story straight away, when her dad interrupted and said "so it's ok if she stops by for a bit? I'll pick her up at 12." Eeeeeeek! My house was disgusting (um this week's excuse is... I was sick). So anyway I spent the next hour and a bit with a 6 year old. We made pancakes, stuck up my snail chalkboard, drew on it, made some Christmas ornaments, played with my cat, sang along to our school cd and talked about the romances of Year 1. It was actually fun, despite my "arrgh I need to get started on my reports" and "my house is so messy" brain.

It turned out this little person was a bit of a blessing in disguise. She concluded that it was because I didn't have a husband that my house was a mess (haha), and at her house she is good at cleaning so she could 'easily fix this.' She quickly started making piles and pushing things against the wall of my lounge-room. My favourite moment was when she picked up an empty tissue box and said "you can always find another use for a box!" and then picked up my junk mail catalogues, rolled them and stood them up in the tissue box. hehehe

Here. Now you can share the joy of my catalogue-holding tissue box.

Don't be jealous, I can share, we can take turns. I could probably even make you one!

So that's how my weekend started.

In other news:
-I think my cat has finally realised that she is a cat.
-Today when I had to come up with an on the spot lesson plan I gave my kids a blank piece of paper & told them to do whatever they wanted with it to respond to this morning's BTN episode & Origami Documentary. It was amazing! They had so many unique ideas.
-I love sunsets
-James is a great book, full of so much goodness

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cassandra said...

Hehe, I have a perfect tissue box for this - I'd better get to it!! :)

I was just thinking - I wonder how many random blogs out there (not that yours is random at all :P) actually refer to me in them & I have no idea. LOL