Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cheese-cake & Cheesy-jokes

Sometimes, after school, Ann-Marie and I make yummy Mars-bar cheesecake. Well, actually just this one time... and it happened to be today!

Mmmm so tasty!

We really should be on Masterchef...haha

Of course, cooking in the staffroom meant we were not short of helpful taste-testers...

Haha... after taking this photo of myself I said 2 things "Oh, that's right I have a sun painted on my face!" & "Wow! Look how red my ear is!"
See! It's really red!
Maybe it was too close to the sun... haha (yep cheesy joke!)

Why did I have a sun painted on my face I hear you ask. Well today my class performed at the local shopping square. They sang "why does the sun shine?" which I've talked about at least twice already . So of course we had to have suns painted on our faces! My girls also did a beautiful performance of "Butterfly" from the Hannah Montana movie (they choreographed the whole thing themselves!)

It was probably not the funnest performance ever, there were only about 15 people shopping between 11 & 12o'clock today it seems. It was raining most of the day (but not while we performed, thank you God!) so everyone was probably staying at home in bed.

We did, however, do an encore performance for the office staff. The girls made some of them teary (they do look super sweet), and the exec are going to try and fit them into the Presentation Night schedule!

I am so tired.

Tomorrow it's Seuss-Friday again! My kids are running assembly, we've decided to do the whole thing in rhyme... just because that's what we do.

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