Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holidays that go too fast!

So I am typing in the dark because it seems that the lights quit while I was in Canberra!

As usual I had grand plans for these holidays...this fortnight included such things as packing up all the things I own ready to move out (it's only 9 weeks and 6 days to go! eeeeek!). Yeh that hasn't happened.
I think that holidays are actually busier than work days.

Ok dark typing isn't working...time to relocate.... ok better.

So in the past 10 days I have...
- Painted, painted, painted & painted (see previous post)
- Caught up with lovely friends and their cute babies (and also lovely friends without babies). 
- Cleaned my bedroom (hmm)
- Taken my friend's 2 and 4 year olds to the Reptile Park. Oh fun! They call me 'Aunty Farleigh'! I love it! We had so much fun feeding kangaroos, patting wombats and spotting emus!
- Hung with my friend's 1 year old for a day. Soooo cute! Somehow she temporarily broke my internet and my printer..but fixed my videoplayer...haha
- Spent a night in Sydney
- Got my US Visa! Oh this was a funny story... I think I might write a whole post about my visit to the US Consulate, stay tuned
- Had a sleepover...actually I don't think it counts if everyone goes home before 9:30... but there was cheese.
- Spent some time with my family
- Spent 3 days in Canberra with my Aunt, cousin and her cute baby
- Caught up with my friend from high school and his wife (and their hilarious kittens)
- Got a job in Canada!!!!! eeek!
- Applied for my Canadian visa
- Watched a bunch of Office, Parenthood & Big Bang Theory episodes
AND... typed up the first 2 pages of Term 4's Maths programs... yep I really should have a lot more work done by now!

So I have 4 days left to get ready for term 4 (and also mind some kids, help my sister move, catch up with some friends AND SEE MARY POPPINS the musical!!!!! So excited!).... and 69 days left to get packed up and ready to relocate to the other side of the world. Anyone feel like putting things in boxes with me? haha

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Mindy said...

Congratulations on the job!!!