Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Snow-less Christmas Week

So, I'm super jealous of all the snow blogs from my Northern Hemispherical friends! It's so weird to see photos of snow in real life... like streets of snow and backyards of snow and cars covered in snow. For me 'the snow' is a place you go. In July. It's an 8 hour drive south, then another 40 minutes up the mountain each day to actually find the snow you can play in (and some years there isn't enough snow so they have to make snow so there is enough to ski on on the main slopes).

Anyway, needless to say my Christmas wasn't white this year (one day I am going to have a white Christmas. It's on my list..) It was cold-ish for a summer's day, but not white.

I only took one photo on Christmas day... This is my back deck, ready for Christmas breakfast (well semi-ready). Christmas breakfast has been at my house for the last 5 years (except the year I was in snow there either). It's a pretty fun tradition, I love having people over!

 Here are some other photos of Christmas week to make up for the lack of Christmas day photos.

This is the fun Whale 'taggy' I made for Hayden. I also made Leonard a giraffe and Morgan a sad fish that was meant to be happy.

This is Leonard (his onesie even says Leonard...I got to choose what he wore that day). One of the best things about Christmas holidays is that I have seen my three boys heaps (I just didn't have my camera when I saw my other 2)!
I even got to hang out with Leonard for a whole day this week! Soooo much fun!

Our Morpeth adventure (pre-vomit).
This is me and my gorgeous friends at a cafe by the river. Look we're all eating breakfast for lunch!

These 3 are photos of where we stayed that night. Soooo beautiful!

Oh and look a wallaby!
You probably don't get those at Christmas in America...(don't mind me, still jealous about the snow)

This last photo summarises what I have been doing for the past 2 days of Christmas week... submitting an objection to Council (oh I feel like a proper grown-up writing things like that) against my neighbour's proposal to store junk like this on his property (as you can see he hasn't waited for approval before doing it). This is the lovely view I have from my back deck. My submission is eight pages long. good times!

So there you have it, an absolutely snow-less Christmas week!  But it has been heaps of fun! And I wouldn't trade spending time with my friends, family and baby boys with all the snow in the world!

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