Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It Is Finished

Another year of school is officially over! It's crazy how fast these years are getting! I can't believe next year will be my 8th year of teaching (argh! I'm getting so old!)

We had the best "Party Day" yesterday. We started the day by getting the kids, in groups, to make 3 lists: "Places we've been," "Things We've Learnt," & "Funny things that have been said" as a bit of a reminiscing exercise. They came up with the best things! It was good to see them recognise that they had actually learnt some things this year & seeing them re-enact and re-laugh at some of the humorous (why do we drop the u in humour to make humorous? crazy language) moments we have been through together.

Katrina (the super aide, oh I'm going to miss her next year!) and I role-played a court-room scene & they had to present their lists as evidence to convince us that they had had an amazing year in our class. It was super fun! We gave them points for fabulous answers, bonus points if they had chosen the examples we had on our secret list & more bonus points if they sang, dance or used "high-modality words" in their presentation. oh I love my job!

We then had party food! Because we had the 2 wii's set up we told the kids "fill up your serviettes, then just find somewhere to sit and have a chat so you don't bump the wii's" and they did! They sat and chatted (and ate copious amounts of junk food)! They are such amazing kids! I'm going to miss them next year!

We played Raving Rabbids TV Party until lunch, then they all went home (yay for half days!).

Such a great year with such amazing kids! I am so grateful for my job.

Oh and I'm not boasting or anything (maybe just a little)... but look at the amazing presents I got from my kiddlies! mawww I am going to smell so sweet & be about 700kg heavier by the end of the holidays! haha

So anyway! Now I am on HOLIDAYS for 6 and a half weeks!!!!!! Ahhh, Freedom!

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Mindy said...

Hooray! You made it! Now you can relax and enjoy all the holiday fun around you! :)