Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Three Boys

This year 3 of my besties had baby boys within 3 months of each other.
I think they are the cutest little people in the whole world & love hanging out with them so much!

This is Hayden
This is Leonard
This is Morgan

Sometimes (um...ok, so maybe constantly) I wish I was a mummy, but that is not my story for now. I love that being single and kid-less (apart from the 26 kids I spend 30 hours a week with) means that I get to hang out with my gorgeous boys and their amazing mums heaps!

Hayden and Morgan
I soooo love their snuggles and smooches and watching their new tricks each time I visit... giggles and rolling and sitting and hair-pulling and growing! I love that even though they are still under 6-months, they already have their own little personalities. Hayden's my snuggler, he's loves the airconditioner and wall-hangings. Morgan has the funnest giggle & finds everything hilarious. I don't get to see Leonard as much cos he lives so far away. He didn't like me until last Saturday, but he sure made up for it, I got soooo many slobbery kisses and tons of cuddles!
Hanging with Morgan
Smooches from Leonard

I love dressing them up, finding cute toys & clothes for them when I'm shopping, bathing them, bottle feeding them, hugging them, watching them play, taking them on adventures, trying to teach them to say "Aunty Kaye" (it's never too early)... I love having these 3 boys in my life! 

Oh they make my heart so full!

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