Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Apple For the Teacher (or sorbet)

I realised today how spoiled I am at work!

This week one of the homework tasks I gave my kids was to cook. (I'm a bit caught up in the Junior Masterchef hype ... those kids are incredible!!!) They were sooooo excited! (they are also a bit caught up in the Junior Masterchef hype)
So this week my aide and I have been brought piklets, chocolate muffins, rainbow biscuits, cupcakes in cute chinese boxes, sweet & sour rocky-road (yum!) and this morning a thermos full of pina colada sorbet! yum! I have never been a fan of pina colada flavour...but this was DELICIOUS! I may just have to hire that kid to keep me in constant supply!

Not only have my children kept me well fed, I was also so blessed at lunch today when a boy I taught last year (who was actually quite difficult) ran up to me and asked if I needed any help with the massive box I was carrying. He took it from me and carried it all the way to my classroom, then came back for the key when I got stuck talking to a colleague. Who does that?!

I am convinced that I work in the most amazing place in the world!

In other news:
It's 1 week until we perform our rendition of 'Why Does the Sun Shine?' It is starting to look impressive! I can't wait!

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