Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Snails Had a Race...

This week has gone so fast! 2 weeks down, 6 to go until our Christmas holidays! Yay! (Although if weeks are going to keep passing so fast I don't know how to fit in testing, writing reports, three excursions, two gala days, Year 4 Graduation... oh and teaching).

This term we're doing a Science unit called "Science Experiments" (I know, super creative name). Each week we do some sort of amazing experiment and write about it. This week we poured water into our plastic test tubes, added a fizzy colour tablet & added oil... I so thought this would flop, I was sure my kids would think this was the most boring experiment. But the Year 3 teacher assured me that his class thought it was amazing... and so did mine!
Before each step I made them write a prediction of what they thought would happen. Some of their predictions were hilarious! One of my boys was sure that when oil was added that there was going to be a loud bang and an explosion... even after he had watched me pour the oil into every other test tube with no such reaction he still covered his ears & winced when I came to do his. They all thought it was incredible that no matter how many times you tipped up the test tube (they have lids) the oil would still rise to the top! Magic! I love the wonder kids find in the things we just take for granted!

Yesterday I gave my kids a Maths test. There was one particular question that at least 8 kids came to ask me about. Basically they hadn't actually read the question, so all I had to do was read it to them and they were like "oh! I get it" arrrgh! I quickly learned that question off by heart, and my aide and I were quoting at each other across the classroom "30 snails had a race. On the way 4 fell asleep. 2 ate snail bait and died. What position was the snail who came last?" Good times.

This evening I graduate! I've completed my 12 month graduate certificate in gifted education (yay!). Yesterday afternoon 3 of my beautiful friends spoilt me with a graduation celebration... pretty much an ice-cream overload - ice-cream, with a side of chocolate covered ice-cream & an iced chocolate mmm. After that I had dinner with 2 of my other gorgeous friends and two of my boys - Hayden & Morgan (I got to see all three boys this week!!!). I'm pretty sure I have the best friends in the world.

Well they were the highlights of my week. I will leave you with a picture of Seuss-Friday (our school is putting on Seussical the Musical next March, so each Friday we are allowed to wear our official Seuss shirts... of course I made a matching skirt)

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