Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is not my car or my kid.

I haven't blogged in a week! So many things have been happening...

Though nothing as crazy as those floods! I have been watching the news reports just amazed at the devastation that the rain has brought in Queensland. I don't live in Queensland, but I have spent alot of time up there and have many friends and family members in affected areas. It's a weird feeling seeing places and going "Oh I've been there...and now it's 5 metres under water." I've been so emotional watching the reports... that 4 year old that fell out of the rescue boat, the family that were spotted by news cameras stuck in their car in the crazy torrent (the dad is still missing - so amazing that the mum and kid survived). On the other-hand it's in situations like this that Australians shine - Kevin Rudd (our ex-Prime Minister) is even, right this moment, talking about the way people have just jumped in to help strangers to move furniture, rescue people (there were some people who grabbed canoes and just paddled around suburbs rescuing anyone who couldn't get out) and donate time, space, resources & money. Hmm... I don't actually have words for how sad and proud I am right now about these floods.


I sort of want to dwell on that a bit longer, but there's also other things I want to write about...

Right now I am minding my friend's 9 month old son Leonard. He is super cute. And also super exhausting! I think I'll be in bed early tonight. I have been here since 3pm yesterday & am staying until his parents get home tomorrow night.

How cute is this smile! He thought the swing was hilarious.

We did have a minor 'major meltdown' today though, it seems Kaye left the formula powder on the bench when we went shopping... this didn't become evident until the bottle of water was heated and Leonard was screaming (screaming is an understatement). The mother's room quickly emptied out while I tried to stuff all his things back in the nappy bag, mapping out the route to Coles in my head. But then another woman noticed  (how could you not) my predicament & offered me some of her spare formula. So grateful! It was magical, even though it wasn't his normal flavour it worked instantly, ahhh! Good times. 

On Monday I had a fun sewing day with Leah & Karen (the mum's of two of my boys! That's right I get to hang with all 3 this week). It was heaps of fun! My crafts aren't finished yet (cos I was sewing 8 dresses at once), but I'll post them when they are. Leah sewed the cutest blanket and Karen fashioned herself a skirt! Such talent.

Sunday (I seem to be recounting in reverse order... let's go with that) was my pastors' last day at our church. We only had them for 12 months, it's a bit sad that they're leaving, I don't feel like I know them yet. They came over for lunch with their kids. Their kids were petrified of my cat. Poor Ed had to spend most of the afternoon locked in the spare room. As they were leaving 2 year old Zach decided he wanted to stay at my house forever (who wouldn't, it is super fun!). So we told him if he wanted to, he had to pat the cat.

Z: (through tears) "I wan du pad the cad"
His dad: "ok, come with me. Watch daddy pat the cat" At this stage Ed was lying outside on the deck having a nap. She's a pretty placid cat & loved the attention.
Zach got within a metre of Ed, when she decided it was the time to stretch. Zach ran inside screaming and jumped into his mum's arms, but at the same time saying over and over "pad the cad." maww. cute.

Last Saturday  a friend from work had her hen's day. It was a car rally. My team won. We were "gangsters" and had cool costumes... well cool glasses.

Last Friday I had a fun sleepover at my house. I love having people stay over. It was so good to catch up with friends and share my friends from different worlds (church, school (as in where I work), high school & I don't know how to put our friendship in a place)  with each other.
We ate pizza and potato skins (how good are they!), played chocolate trivial pursuit (till we realised the chocolate was gross and the questions were hard)... and we painted Cass.

How cute is her little milkshake belly! (she is due in March).

Ok, that's as far back as I'm going. I need sleep! haha (oh that's right I was going to do work tonight... whoops)

Oh if you're wondering about my title (I know I am), that's the random thought that passed through my head when the person in front of me slammed on their brakes while I was chauffering Leonard in his grandma's car today.

the end.

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