Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day of Celebrating the Best Country in the World!

Today is Australia Day! A day to celebrate all things Aussie.
The past few years it has been tradition to hang with Leah. Today we even had matching shirts.
We had grand plans to picnic and swim. But it was too hot and super humid (like 40 degress... apparently that's 104 American degrees) and I'm pretty sure I got sunburnt putting petrol in my car (side-story: petrol is super expensive on Australia day... it cost me at least $15 more than usual!). So we opted to hang in the air con and watch movies and eat yummy chicken and chips.
Of course we wore our cool Australia shirts (how cute are we!)
Leah is amazing!
I also got to hang with my small friend Morgan. He is soooo cute in this picture. Do you like our matching tats? haha. Morgan has learnt so many new tricks this week! He's amazing!
 I love days with Leah, Jase and Morgan. Such great friends! Fun times!

So anyway. Because it's Australia Day... here is a list of things I love about Australia (well the ones I can think of right now)...
  • We're not a country in war or famine or poverty. This is huge! Soooooo blessed!
  • It's beautiful! We have amazing yellow sand beaches, beautiful rainforests, deserts (well i haven't seen them, but they look cool in photos), rivers, mountains (well pretend mountains compared to countries with real mountains), lakes, bush, and even a smattering of snow every now and then...well not at my house (oh I love snow!!). I love the diversity of landscapes we have here! 
  • I love the laid-back attitude, the 'she'll be right' (not that I ever say that). But I also love that we're not as laid-back as some island cultures I've visited... arrgh - that would drive me insane!
  • I love that we can laugh at ourselves - have you seen The Castle? I love Australian movies! 
  • I love the way our Nation responds to disasters - the way everyone pitches in to help each other get back on their feet. Did you see the Salvation Saturday reports?
  • Our crazy history 
  • The people. Australians are fun.
(If you need more reasons watch the Oprah Australia special. ha)

Happy Australia Day, world!

PS I learnt something weird about myself this week... a woman I work with noticed in a photo of me that the whites of my eyes are visible under the irises... apparently this is weird. So i just went through a whole heap of my photos on facebook and realised this is the case in 80% of the photos of me (including the first one in this post)... but I only found 1 other person in a photo in my facebook with the same thing. Who notices such things? I'm a tad paranoid about it now. haha!

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