Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well eight of my kids' paintings didn't sell at the fair. Five of them were gracious enough to let me buy theirs YAY! :)
I can't wait to stick them up in my house (I'm still deciding on the best location).

I love this one!
That's David Attenborough on the left...

The thing I love most about these paintings, and about doing art with my kids (and teaching in general), is that every one of these kids were given the same stimulus - they were shown the same pictures of toucans, they all saw the same demonstration and techniques, they were all given the same materials to work with... yet every single picture is so different!

I love that God has designed each one of us so differently, that even when we're given the same situation or opportunity or task, our response is going to be unique! Of course this means there's conflict and challenges, but also colour and creativity!

PS I did steal the idea for this art lesson from Deep Space Sparkle which is an amazing site!

Tomorrow is MARKET DAY! Each year (well every year since last year) our Year 4's have had to make a product to sell to raise money for their graduation activities. They get so excited about it! Each kid has their own little stall and sell to other Junior School kids and teachers. Last year we made over $1000 in an hour and a half! I can't wait!

In other news:
- 3 more of my kids have chicken pox :(    (they are so disappointed that they're going to miss Market Day)
- There's only 2 more days till the holidays!
- This week has been so much fun!

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