Sunday, September 19, 2010

The fun night, the fair, the funeral & friends!

As I sit here printing the program I was meant to hand in 7 weeks ago, I will describe the events of my weekend.

Friday night was 'Beautiful Women' which is a girly night run by a church in Newcastle at Wests Leagues club. There were hundreds of women there, good food, great entertainment & many challenging and inspiring stories (I love stories). My amazing friend Ann-Marie performed her song Princess & also sang with her brother Tim who was in the top 9 on Australian Idol last year. It was a real lovely night of hanging out with friends, colleagues and my "little" sister.

Saturday was our College's fair! It was amazing! There was so much going on, and sooooo many people there! There was such a great community feel! My class painted "toucans" (some were not so toucan-ish) to sell. I so wish I took photos of them. My kids are talented artists! I was hoping that they wouldn't sell, so I could decorate a wall of my house with toucan artworks.

I didn't have an official fair job, so I helped out on the tennis ball into sock holder throwing game... um... basically people had to verse a friend to throw the most tennis balls into one of these things...
It was a hit!

I had to leave the fair early because it was my next-door neighbour's funeral (he died last week when he fell off a ladder, breaking his ribs & piercing his internal organs). My dad came to the grave-site with me. This was the first funeral I've ever been to at the actual grave-site. It was a nice service. They started it with the song "True Blue" (because he was known as 'Blue'). Family shared stories about the man they knew. I am amazed at all the things he did - cleared a lot of the land in our area, built roads and highways and major dams, mined, protected the country, built his own house bit by bit. Imagine being able to say "yeh I built that dam" or house or highway. wow!  The thing I found most interesting about Blue's life is that he lived the life of the11 times tables... he was born in 1933, was married for 55 years from the time he was 22 and died at 77. hmm are you meant to think about such things at funerals...

Last night I hung out with my lovely friend Karen from work, her husband and their super cute baby. He has grown soooooooooooo much in the past 2 weeks since I last saw him. Way too cute.

This morning church was run by the kids. It was so noisy and crazy and fun! there were balloons everywhere. How often do you get to play with balloons in the middle of church and get away with it? The closing song included a band of 30ish kids on plastic tambourines, whistles, drums and cymbals. At one point the (actual) band cut out and the congregation sang along with the kids. It was so cute!

Hmm anyway, that's my weekend that was. Back to work tomorrow (a gala day, an excursion & a market day this week! So fun!)! 1 more week till holidays! I'm so looking forward to having a break, catching up with fun friends, spending more time with God, reading and getting my life (and house) back into some sort of order.

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